High School

The high school at Terra Sancta, Jerusalem, is a particular place that provides the fundamentals for students to develop and mature. Their experience here lasts a lifetime as the opportunities, memories, and education that the students finish with are treasured forever within each individual.

The high school experience constitutes of a system of education that also places attention internationally. By providing students with a global understanding while guaranteeing that the elements of a solid liberal arts education encourage an understanding of the world from multiple perspectives and ways of thought.

We provide students with the option of taking two different fields of study within the last two years of High School as the first allows more of an integration to High School from the previous academic course. The two fields are known as the Linguistic approach or Scientific one which both ensure us that students have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects and the ones they like the most (depending on their choice of field) and letting them explore the courses in depth and prepare for a university level.

Academic, individual, and social growth best explain the primary goals that we have for students. Terra Sancta provides each student the opportunity to develop close, individual relationships with members of the teaching staff in addition to our trained full-time counselor who certifies that the students receive all they need in regards to assistance and guidance while they cross through youth and focus towards their future.

The rich activity programs promote the school as the principal point for student time after classes. Teams for sports, music and drama performances, arts and display fairs, photography and other events that pond students together and especially allow them to interact in different ways beyond just academically.

Course Composition:

High School program as mentioned above gives students two directions within the last two years of 11th and 12th grade and allows student to integrate more with the new tasks and challenges of High School in 10th grade.

The following are composed of: 10th grade with 2 classes who tackle Arabic, English, Hebrew, Religion (both Islamic and Christian), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, and History. At 11th and 12th grade both fields of academic progress share Religion, Arabic, English, Technology, Mathematics, and both terminate their studies in Hebrew. 11th and 12th composed both of 2 classes each because of the two fields of study that differ by going in depth more in other courses as; Literature program focuses on History, Geography, and Languages, while the Scientific program focuses on Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.