A proper education means guiding a whole entity intellectually, socially, and morally. Knowledge takes place in the classroom, on the schoolyard, on the sports field, during student meetings, and in every corner of the school.

A day in the life of a student of Terra Sancta is filled with individual support from teachers and administrators, the amusement of friends in the courtyard, the hallways, the guiding hand of instructors, directors, teachers and more. Whether explaining a formula in the classroom, filming for photography, or giving lead to actors in the drama department, Terra Sancta students are given the opportunity to build as individuals with a sense of purpose that enlightens their school’s efforts but also recognises themselves in the community.

Students at the Terra Sancta School in Jerusalem devote every day in an energetic, stimulating, welcoming campus and offering a large variety of opportunities for students to engage socially, get involved in different passions, experience teamwork, and cultivate their creative thoughts. Terra Sancta offers in fact a diverse range of after school activities, Sport programs, performing and fine arts program.