Course Overview

Internet and electronic interactions are a part of many children’s lives. Internet supplies allow for a simplified distribution of text, video, images and sound. As these resources supply vast opportunities to learn and share with others, at times they can also derive risks and inconveniences. The best ways to diminish these risks are to educate yourself about the tools and resources that your child is using and to talk with your children on how they spend their time on the internet.

At Terra Sancta, we instruct children to:

  • Not to share sensitive personal information on the web.
  • If you receive or perceive things that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure, seek out an adult instantly.
  • Behave in a kind and responsible manner (includes coaching on Cyberbullying)
  • To parents, we advise talking to your children about what they are doing and self-instructing yourself on the available resources that they use.

In the following course, students evaluate and reflect upon mature and effective use of technology in their academic occupations. They are then introduced to various Computer Science conceptions. Students are given a variety of technology associated activities throughout the year as:


            –> Mobile application programming

            –> “Visual Studio” giving access to desktop application programming

            –> Use of “Scratch” through blocks of coding supplying the basics of IT

            –> Understanding of Microsoft Programs (Excel, Microsoft, Power point)

            –> Basics and custom of Web design

            –> 3D technologic modeling through “Google 3D sketch up”

            –> Ability to use and design photos

            –> Video editing knowledge through “VSDC or Movie maker”

            –> Use of Electronics and capability in the field of Robotics