During the school year, students have the opportunity to partake in a number of creative activities regarding Performing Arts as drama performances which bring the community together in involvement. It is an enduring practice at the school that connects our students to different ways of work from an academic and social perspective. Furthermore, it allows students of all ages to work collectively, and bring actors and viewers together for a moment.                                          

In both the High and Middle schools, class efforts focus on the world of theater and Music to share our minds creations through performances; classes are prepared towards developing a general sense of voice and joy. Lessons are taught with the belief that an emotional and inspired imagination is an asset in not just theater and music but in any choice of our life.


Students also have the opportunity to discover their musical passions. Through a range of courses, including shows, music joint groups, guitar, choir, and more. The students enhance their skills and methods of playing an instrument as well as reading and understanding music so that they perhaps will create their own pieces.


Nonetheless, students are given the possibility to express themselves in other ways as through the arts. The city of Jerusalem and Bethlehem have much to offer in the field of visual muse from the ancient and contemporary world in the paintings, Mosaics, archeology, photography, and much more.