Athletics is as much a fundamental part of the total program and life at Terra Sancta. The athletics program consists of a miniature prototype of life in that it stipulates opportunities for students with concern to sportsmanship, honesty, responsibilities, teamwork, leadership, and respect for others and the sport.

Athletics additionally help singularly students develop clever decisions as well as their physical being. Athletic competition enhances the schools attitude and helps all student’s observers and participants in increasing their pride in the school.

Winning is often contemplated as the measure of achievement and our athletes are encouraged to do their best in every team or single competition. nonetheless, winning is not the only ambition of the terra sancta athletics program. Our main ambition is to offer opportunities for students to improve themselves as mature entities with optimistic social and group mindsets and habits, qualified of taking their position in a global community.

However, it is significant to remember that at no time will the educational program and be considered secondary to athletics. Some examples of the sports practiced at Terra Sancta include Physical exercises, Soccer, Basket, and Volleyball.