Middle School

The Middle School of Terra Sancta Jerusalem is dedicated to challenge academically each student, by nurturing a love for learning, and increasing a feeling of self-accomplishment.

We believe that learning is a process in which students uncover and construct meaning from information and experience. The individual essentials as the background and the progressive level of each student performs as the starting point for all learning activities in Middle School. The classroom teacher works best in guiding as an encouraging role as a tutor who attempts best to challenge each student mentally and personally by differentiating with teaching approaches when necessary.

The Middle School years are filled with marvelous change and progress in a student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical being. We supply a secure, stimulating, and challenging environment that respects and fosters our children during this interim period. Our aim is therefore to create mature students that will be ready for the rigors of high school at Terra Sancta or anywhere in the world.

Middle School therefore allows students to adapt to a transition which will be as smooth as possible for when entering High School. 7th grade is the first year of Middle School composed of 2 groups of classes, the same applies for 8th grade which also contains 2 groups. The last year of Middle School composed by 9th grade includes only 1 class as the group is a bit smaller.

Course Composition:

All grades between 7th and 9th share the same courses which include Arabic, English, Religion (includes both Christian and Islam), Hebrew, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Sports, Music and Art. In addition, students have the opportunity to choose whether they prefer to take a language choosing from either French or Italian.